Monday, July 6, 2009

Composting - Weird Dirty Science.

Now that I have chickens, I am composting, nothing like chicken manure to light up a compost heap. So... instead of digging a hole and tossing various waste items in it - rat magnet... I began researching compost bins. WOW.. they are all over the board and all over the map in regards to price. It appears right now the one I am choosing is called the Exaco Composting Bin. The reason: It make sense to me. Hopefully that reason is sufficient, but really here is my thought process;

1. Looks - It really needs to look decent. Garbage cans are, well, for garbage. People across the world see it and think "garbage" - usually followed by "Wash your hands" so to have something that looks like a dirty garbage can sitting in your backyard, where people will be BBQ'ing and playing, is not cool. Even the ones by Mantis (two people looking like they are trying to start a Model T) or Urban Compost Tumbler, which look like a concrete mixers is not something I want on display. The Mantis looks like it could be seen from space ( with the gentleman spinning it on its stout frame - can't you spinning this thing and it jumping off the stand and taking your garden, pets and children out with it?) . Our how about this one... the EcoComposter. Really? The Death Star of composters?
The idea is to take organic material and break it down. Whether hot composting or adding worms to get the chemical process to begin, it doesn't matter, the Exaco, also known as the WIBO... it a nice, square shape and will fit in nice clean spaces.
Operation - Exaco's operation? Pour it in the top, shuffle the drawers, and open the hatch - Viola' compost. Gravity at its finest. I don't need to start a car, build a feable stand which is precariously perched off the ground 4ft, carrying a couple hundred pounds of dirt. Nor do I need a big ugly orb sitting in may backyard scaring my kids and taking up space.
Price - Exaco's range from $99-$159... some of these others are $299-$499. UGH.! In fact the one with my folks in the picture is $499. That is a complete waste of your money.
Of course do your own comparing, but I would keep the Exaco on the short list.

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