Saturday, July 4, 2009

One 4th of July Tip...

My tomatos were going nuts. I had purchased those spherical upside down funnel wire mesh holder-upper, but realized quickly, these things are not going to do the job. So, off I motor to Navlets a local nursery and begin looking over the wares as it relates to tomato supports. The choices were...

Super expensive, powder coated funnel wire meshes - $27/ea and come in a variety of colors.

1" x 1" redwood stakes in a pack of 6 - $6.99 per pack.

Bamboo articulating fencing, which is really cool, but again is $16.99/ea.

I settled on 1 x 6 bamboo posts - loose, which were $1.49/ea. I bought six of them and used some wire at home to knit them together. I personally think this is the least expensive way to go and the coolest. In order to drive them in deep, I actually used a steel foundation stake and drove it into the ground, then came in a drove the bamboo. It worked perfectly and I got out of there for under $10.00. It supports 4 tomato plants - currently, but is now infinitely expandable and can travel in any direction.

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  1. Thats what I use in my garden! I found packages of 6 Bamboo sticks at the Dollar store! So i bought 4 packages. I used them for my Peas, Green Beans and to stake peppers. They work great! I will use them again next year and still have 2 packages left over for next year as well! Happy Gardening!

  2. Thanks for the comments... and... the coolest thing about this method, is it is inexpensively expandable and can take any direction you like.