Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pest Control

Today, I was still recovering from some miserable bug I got on Friday. Some kind of a food poisoning with stomach cramps galore.... had me sleeping on the bathroom floor. We've all been through this. I felt a little better on Saturday, but without coffee and my favorite addiction Diet Pepsi, I crashed. So, now I am going to try to kick the Pepsi habit. Not coffee though there are too many good things in coffee to drop it.

Anyway, I was re-hanging a sagging gate, fixing a dutch door on my shed and some neighbors stopped by; Dad and two of his three boys. Dad is a botanist with a minor in entomology. He walked through the garden and mentioned how chicken manure is probably the best fertilizer out there, along with rabbit dooky, and then talked about a terrible problem we are having with a moth in the State of California, which orginated in Australia and doing some significant damage out here. He is a super mellow guy with the disposition of a scientist crossed with Fred Rogers. So why am I telling you this? He told me about the coolest sight for us "types"

Here it is.. managed by UC Davis, it has an answer for nearly any question you might have on pests. Now, it is regional in nature and I am sure other colleges may have similar sites, but this will give you a huge head start on managing your pests and encourage you to seek similar information from your local "Go-To" University.

Check out this site, well worth the perusal.

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